Wicked Wednesday- Fireworks

Jessie: In the nation’s capital for the holiday!

new-years-eve-1953253_1920Happy Independence Day to all our readers! Not only is it a day to remember the founders of our nation, it is also a day to attend parades, host barbecues and to wear red white and blue. Many Americans end the day  stretched out on a blanket watching a dazzling display of fireworks.

What I wondered was whether or not all of you love fireworks or if you prefer to give them a miss?

Edith: I do love the wonder and awe of fireworks, even though at root they celebrate wartime. In my town they are held across from a big hill that is town land, a former farm. Everybody heads up there, many on foot, and bring picnics. Afterward the road back into town is closed to cars and we all walk home. It feel wonderfully old-fashioned, which is why I had to stage a murder during the 1888 fireworks in Called to Justice, Quaker Midwife Mystery #2 – which is on sale right now!

Barb: I love fireworks, too. Because of technological advances, they’re one of the few things that are just as magnificent now as I remember them as a kid. The fireworks in Boothbay Harbor take place over the water in direct line of sight from our front porch, so we don’t even have to leave home to view them. I included fireworks over the harbor in Boiled Over, the second Maine Clambake Mystery.

Sherry: I love fireworks, but hate the crowds and the traffic. So I guess I like them if they are easily accessible. But since our sweet Lily hates them this isn’t the best week for us.

Julie: I love fireworks, but will confess that the noise gives me more pause than it used to. That said, I can see the Boston fireworks from my living room window, and enjoy having my family over so we can have a picnic indoors and enjoy the show. I’ve also seen the fireworks at Old Orchard Beach, and that was wonderful.

Jessie: I adore fireworks! I love the colors and the surprise of what sort of formation will light up next. I love the sparkle and the finale. We never went to them when I was a child and I always wished that we had. Now, as an adult, our house in Old Orchard Beach is within easy walking distance of the beach where they are set off every Thursday night. If it doesn’t rain I go every week. It has become a tradition I have loved sharing with my own kids!

Liz: I like them if I choose to go to a fireworks display. I confess, I don’t like it much when people set off random fireworks in neighborhoods, which seems to happen more often than not over the years! Shaggy and the cats don’t love the noise, either, so I always feel bad for them. But not to sound like a party pooper – I think when done right in a proper show, they are amazing.

Readers, do you love to attend the fireworks? If so, where are your favorites? If not, do you have another way you like to celebrate Independence Day?


Retro-Images-Picnic-GraphicsFairy-839x1024I love picnics. I adore wicker hampers and the dish sets that fit snuggly inside them. I am charmed by cheerful cotton blankets spread on smooth ground. I delight in picnic foods. Crunchy pickled things layered into mason jars and sandwiches wrapped neatly in waxed paper make my heart soar.

I can trace my pleasure in meals enjoyed outdoors to an early age. When I was four years old I was awakened from an afternoon nap by my mother who unexpectedly insisted on changing me into a dress and shoes usually reserved for church. She brushed and ribboned my hair and was completely unwilling to give the smallest hint as to what the fuss was all about.

She led me out to the backyard where the small table from my playroom sat surrounded by its tiny chairs, all but one filled with little girls. Completely out of the blue my mother had arranged an outdoor feast of miniature peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and sparkling glasses of punch. But the most wonderful thing of all was a multi-tiered cake with pillars separating the layers and frosting roses festooning the edges. I was completely astonished that such a surprise had been created just for me.

Even now the magic of that early picnic lingers. Through the years some of my most memorable meals have been enjoyed outdoors. Lemon crepes on a sunny beach, skewers of beef over a fire pit, ice cream cones on a splintery table were nicer than any restaurant. I think I’ll take my lunch outside.

Readers, do you love picnics and the like?