Wicked Wednesday: Movies that make you cry

Sometimes we all need to cry. When this your mood, what movie to do you seek out? Bonus points if you can name one that doesn’t lose its impact even if you watch it over and over.

Julie: An Affair to Remember, with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant. I SOB when he sees the painting at the end. SOB. Kills me. I can watch it again and again. I’ve also cried at other movies, but can’t bear to rewatch. An Affair to Remember is that fine line of romantic melodrama that just works.

Jessie: I had a tough time with this question. I have never looked for a movie that gave me the opportunity to cry. It just isn’t my way of being in the world. That being said, some movies have made me cry. I can’t get through Forrest Gump without a few tears.

Bridges of MadisonCountyEdith: Bridges of Madison County. I don’t care what anybody else says, I love this movie and its hopeless romance. I cry through most of it every single time.

Sherry: I’ve cried my way through a lot of movies over the years from Disney to Love Story to classics like West Side Story. I guess I cry easily at movies!

Barb: It’s time to admit I’m a big blubberer. I’ll cry at books, plays, movies, TV shows and even commercials if you catch me in the right mood. For a good cry, I’ll go with Beaches, the female buddy movie where they don’t drive off a cliff at the end. But there’s always Terms of Endearment (sobbed through the book, too) or Steel Magnolias. For a sad time, call….

Readers. what movies make you cry? Is that a good thing or a bad thing.


Wicked Wednesday — Movies I Haven’t Seen

It seems like all of us have a movie that the rest of the world has seen but we’ve somehow missed. So today we are talking about which movie we missed.

Sherry: Dirty Dancing — I don’t know how I missed it. I loved Patrick Swayze — I think I’ve seen almost every other movie he’s been in. I almost met him in person when he was filming a movie on the base we’d lived on in Los Angeles. (I did meet Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and the cute little boy from the first Jurassic Park movie.) I love dancing and romance but somehow I’ve never managed to sit down and watch Dirty Dancing.GoodwillHunting

Edith: Oh, I loved Dirty Dancing, Sherry! Have seen it a couple of times.

I never saw Titanic. Or Good Will Hunting, but I still want to, even more now that we’ve lost Robin Williams. And I fell asleep during Forrest Gump and never finished watching it.

Julie: Years ago the Wang Center did a Monday night movie series. That was a great opportunity to know off many of the “must see” films–Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago, Gone With The Wind. I’ve still missed a few of the big ones. But one movie I reference a lot, but have never seen, is What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? One reference came last week after a bad bout of hat head combined with smeared red lipstick due to a scarf malfunction.

Jessie: I’ve never seen E.T. My great aunt told my parents it wasn’t appropriate for kids and for some reason they believed her. By the time I was old enough to make my own movie choices I was no longer interested.

notebookBarb: I’ve never seen Titanic, either, though I’ve seen so many clips, I feel like I’ve seen it. This Christmas season, I watched Chitty Chitty, Bang, Bang with my two kids (both in their thirties), who wouldn’t believe I’d never seen it, because they had seen it “100s of times.” Where was I while all this was going on? I loved it, but that is one weird movie. While we’ve been touring Charleston all day today–on the horse-drawn carriages and in historic homes, tour guides keep asking, “Have you seen The Notebook?” Nope, nope and nope.

Liz: No Titanic? No Dirty Dancing?? You guys are killing me! But I shouldn’t talk. There are so many I haven’t seen. Like Any of the Lord of the Rings, or (ashamed to admit it) Star Wars. Just not my thing!

Readers, which big movies have you missed?