Wicked Quiz — Protagonist Towns

Do you love to take quizzes and find out which Disney Princess you are or what is your spirit animal? So do we! Take our quiz: Which Wicked Cozy Protagonist Town Should You Live In? Find out by clicking here! And if you really like quizzes you can take the first one (Which Wicked Cozy Protagonist Are You?) by clicking here.

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Here’s a sneak peek at the possible outcomes:

Granford, Massachusetts with Meg Corey

1890’s Old Orchard Beach, Maine with Ruby Proulx

Dorset Falls, Connecticut with Josie Blair

Ellington, Massachusetts with Sarah Winston

Orchard, Massachusetts with Ruth Clagan

South Lick, Indiana with Robbie Jordan

Frog Ledge with Stan Connor

Busman’s Harbor with Julia Snowden

Readers: After you take the quiz tell us which town you got! Were you surprised?