Opening Lines: Behind the Parking Garage

Add your opening line for this shot, which Liz reports she took, “when Shaggy took me for a walk behind the parking garage…”


Edith: If I told him once, I told him a million times – don’t leave your paint rags behind the garage. And ya know what? Dried blood sure looks a lot like rust.

Julie: He bet me that he could use a pipe as a boomerang. He was wrong, and lost his shirt.

Barb: My Clue solution is: Colonel Mustard, behind the garage, with the lead pipe.

Sherry: Apparently The Hulk was on the loose again. Such a show off bending pipes and ripping off his shirt.

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Opening Lines

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Liz: Stupid snow. It makes dragging a body so darn hard.

Jessie: Grampa always swore that the legendary snow python existed but no one believed him until now.

Julie: Motorcycling through the snow after consuming a six pack–you can’t always cure stupid. We’ll find Earle after the big thaw. Such a shame. It was a nice bike.

Sherry: The townsfolk focused on the snow trench that hadn’t been there the night before. None of them noticed the shadow of someone, something, holding a sword who was creeping closer. I opened my mouth to scream, but it was too late.

Barb: As soon as the storm cleared, Leonard fled the cabin like the Road Runner with Wile E. Coyote on his tailfeathers. (Meep, meep!)

Edith: Jimmy said snowshoeing was fun. You’ll love it, he said. What I love is what I did to him at the end of the trail – and that I’ll never have to strap on the stupid snowshoes ever again.

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Opening Lines

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Write an opening line for the following photograph:

Thanks once again to our hand model, Bill Carito. We do this once a year at Crime Bake and he’s always a good sport!

Jessie: Her mother had always said the germs in a public restroom could kill you.

Liz: Well, at least there won’t be a line for the bathroom.

Barb: And that was the last time he ever walked into the ladies room by mistake.

Edith:  See, I told him his skirt should be no longer than the little picture lady’s or he’d trip on it, but no, he had to wear his favorite floor-length number. Men!

Sherry: Hiding a body was way harder than I thought it would be.

Julie: I told him: no cutting in line. His own fault for underestimating a middle aged woman.

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Opening Lines

Write an opening line for the picture below:

Edith: “Good Lord, this baby’s heavy. Whadda they got in it, a body?”

Barb: “I told these guys a thousand times, you rob the safe while it’s IN the bank.”

Sherry: (I’m still laughing at Barb’s line.) They said it was a safe job. I didn’t know they meant it literally.

Jessie: I thought the guy that hired me said it was a safe heist. It turns out he said a safe hoist.

Liz: We tried to be as casual as possible and look like we were supposed to be jacking the safe. I mean, would four guys in their right minds think they could get away with this in broad daylight otherwise?

Julie: When he said he wanted something to protect the family jewels, she took him literally.

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Opening Lines

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OL Photo Aug

Edith: Meh. No guns, no schmuns. How was I supposed to enforce the No Smoking rule without my trusty Colt?

Barb: You can never underestimate the ire of an addict deprived of nicotine.

Liz: Since I couldn’t bring my gun inside, I waited right at the door for those unsuspecting smokers to step outside with their cancer sticks. I mean, who were they to kill me with their nasty habit? I had to beat them to it.

Julie: She walked into the store, looked right at the security camera, took out a cigarette and put it in her mouth. She took a small gun out of her purse, pointed it at the camera, and pulled the trigger. Poof, a flame shot out of the end, and she lit her cigarette with it. She blew out a smoke ring, and kept staring at the camera, daring her wimp of a boyfriend to come out and confront her.

Jessie: Bernice looked with frustration at the sign before her. Upon reflection she supposed she should have been prepared for something like that when she signed up for the International Assassins Conference. Still, she thought they might have included some mention of the NO GUNS policy on the registration form.

Sherry: I looked over my shoulder and saw my date standing outside so I motioned for him to come in. He shook his head no and showed me his Glock. It was love at first sight.

July Opening Lines

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Edith:  If ya want somebody to do something, tell ’em not to do it. I told her running alone on the rail trail was too dangerous. My plan worked, and now I’m blissfully alone.

Julie: There were runner’s stretches, then there were stretchy runners. She was the latter, and never met a wall she didn’t like. Until Tuesday. Did that look like a cliff to you?

Liz: I might not have noticed the shoe if I hadn’t dropped my phone during my walk. But when I bent over to pick it up, there it was. I thought at first it was a kid playing hide and seek, but boy was I wrong…

Sherry: I really wish I wouldn’t have pulled on that shoe when I found it.

Barb: “Go get it, girl! Go get it.” But Trixie shook me off, growling and baring her tiny teeth, so I dove through the hedge to retrieve her favorite ball. When I broke through the undergrowth on the other side, I saw something so strange and magical, so astonishing and terrifying, it changed my life forever..

Jessie: Patrice had always wondered how Melody had dazzled the judges, year after year at the annual Little Watford garden competition. Now that she knew her rival’s secret she could check two items from the top of her to-do list: win the Silver Spade trophy and rid her household of her layabout brother-in-law.





Opening Lines

Here’s our opening lines–rotten vacation edition.

(photo by Bill Carito)

Sherry: He always complained that I was too literal. I’m sure he regretted telling me he was dying to get into the vacation club.

Liz: Jeez, that was a long line…

Barb: “You’re in luck, sir. A room has just opened up.”

Julie: She arrived in what could only be described as hell for workaholics, and died trying to relax.

Edith: I said I’d win the damn bowling tournament or die trying.

Jessie: Our resort is so popular that some of our guests will do just about anything not to have to leave.

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