Opening Lines–Country Store Edition

We continue our celebration of the release of Flipped for Murder with our own Edith Maxwell writing as Maddie Day. Write an opening line for a story inspired this photo snapped (appropriately) at the Story Inn in Indiana – the country store which inspired her series.


Liz: He didn’t belong in this neck of the woods, with his fancy tie and New York facial hair. I had to put his head up as a warning to any other fancy boys who thought they could come in here and beat me at checkers.

Jessie: When things were slow at the store Frank passed the time by playing checkers with his ventriloquist dummy, Leftie.

Julie: It was the best date I’d had in years. That explains a few things, doesn’t it?

Sherry: All I can say, is the guy had me over a barrel.

Barb: “Who’s that?” I asked, cocking my head toward the dummy by the checkerboard.

“Dunno,” Gus answered, “but he’s beating the pants off me.”

Edith: (These are hilarious!) “Ah, shoot, Jim Bob,” Wanda said. “You done wiped me off the board again. Now I guess you’re really ahead.”

Readers, what about you? Give us your best opening lines.


16 thoughts on “Opening Lines–Country Store Edition

  1. It was a beautiful, sunny day. But inside the old country store, I was seated once again in front of the checker board, wondering why I bother when I have no one to play against. And what happened to all the black pieces? Man, my nose sure itches.

  2. I’d crisscrossed the country making a living hustling at checkers. But as I walked into the latest country store, I began to wonder if I’d met my match.

    (This one was a struggle. I kept hearing Robin Williams as the Genie from Aladdin in my head. “I can’t believe I’m losing to a run!”)

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