Wicked Fun Resolutions

Happy New Year! I’m not a big believer in resolutions so instead of all of those heavy life changing resolutions we are going to post something fun we want to accomplish this year.

Sherry: I am going to learn to kayak this year. I say it every year and I never get out there and give it a try.

Edith: I don’t know much about writing poetry, but I think it’s fun to try. I resolve to write a poem for each of my family member’s birthdays this year. And maybe for the Wickeds’ birthdays, too!

Liz: Oh, boy – like I need anything else to do! Actually, I’d been planning to try a new workout routine to keep the boredom away. I ordered P90X3 – so I’m going to complete the 90 days of the program. At some point…probably not in the first 90 days of the year!

Barb: Oy. I made the mistake of looking back at our resolutions from last year. We did great on the writing ones–books turned in, books launched, series renewed and sold. The personal stuff is more challenging. But here goes: I resolve to enjoy being in Maine more this summer. To take a trip to Monhegan and another to Bar Harbor and to spend some serious time at the Boothbay Harbor Historical Society (which will only partially be work).

Julie: Liz, I may join you in a fitness goal, but I don’t think of that as fun. 🙂 My goal is to keep up with a gratitude journal. Looking forward to my first book being published in the fall, and I’d love to stay focused, but enjoy the journey. Day one–I am so, so grateful for my Wicked Cozy friends.

Jessie: I want to learn some basics of Icelandic. I have been scouting out some online courses and am excited about giving it a try. I’ve wanted to visit Iceland for years and would love to go there with some language skills.

Readers: A new language? A new hobby or activity? What’s your fun goal for the year?

25 thoughts on “Wicked Fun Resolutions

  1. Jessie, that’s a fun language. I flew with two Islande fisherman on an plane from Denmark to Iceland and to Boston. They were a lot of fun. They had a boat stranded somewhere inland and had to make a long trip around. They probably made that story up, but anyway I had a great time saying bad things in Islande and drinking their vodka. They taught me how to read a few words from their newspaper and how to make the most out of a few words. Yow (já) especially. I think it’s the best word for conversing in the language. Maybe you know about it already if you’re interested in speaking the language.

    I love Iceland and go that way every time I go to Europe. My father had a sailing route up that way to Iceland, Faroe Islands, and Denmark. So I heard a lot about it most of my childhood and was very interested. Curious how you came to be so interested in Iceland. That would be so great to do—learn enough to speak when you go there.

    I want to get better in French and my goal is to read three of the books I have in French and one programmed textbook in Reading and writing French. They have three books 17th century Salem to read. I’m thinking this doesn’t sound a lot of fun. But for me it is. I’m hooked on 17th and 18th-century Salem, especially the connections of that time period with Québec and Acadie.

  2. Love all of your responses. Edith, Jessie and Julie — Wow. Impressive goals! Sherry — I kayaked in Maine, and it was so fun! Go for it! Barb — I love those places in Maine. Enjoy them for me. 🙂 And Liz — I hope you share how P90X3 goes. Good for you! My “fun goal” will be taking more photos (with a camera I got for Christmas). (Sherry– Maybe we’ll end up with some good author event photos!) And trying to enjoy exercise like Julie and Liz. I went to a dance fitness class recently and surprised myself by having a blast. Happy New Year!

  3. In 2015, I want to climb out of my cooking rut and have more fun and adventurous meals. I have a stack of cookbooks I never use, so maybe I should vow to try a new recipe once a week. The menfolk would probably weep with joy.

  4. I’m not sure about any new fun resolutions, but I definitely plan to keep doing mud runs. They are a lot of fun and get me out running to boot. Without that, I’d just sit home on the couch after work.

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