Happy Book Birthday – Razing the Dead!

champagneHappy day to Sheila Connolly! The fifth Museum Mystery, Razing the Dead, releases today!

Here’s what Sheila’s website says about the book:

Between the challenges of her position as president of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society in Philadelphia and of taking her relationship with FBI Agent James Morrison to the next level, Nell Pratt has got her hands full. Nevertheless, when a powerful developer approaches the Society to make sure the old dairy farm he wants to level is not hiding any archeological or historical surprises that could derail the project, Nell decides to make time to personally accompany him to the proposed site.razing-dead-200

But when they get to the property, they stumble upon a startling discovery—a body floating face-down in a pond. The dead man turns out to be an amateur history enthusiast, who may have uncovered secrets about the farm that got him killed. Now it’s up to Nell and Morrison to get to the bottom of things before there are more deadly developments…”

Woot! Let the champagne flow and the sales rack up.

 Liz: Congrats, Sheila! Can’t wait to read, as is the case with all your books. Happy celebrating!

Jessie: This sounds like another great read, Sheila! And what a great cover!

Sherry: I don’t know how you do it, Sheila! But I can’t wait to read this — and of course my mom is waiting anxiously too!

Barb: Happy Book Birthday, Sheila–a 3x a year event for you! You must get tired of all that birthday cake.

Julie: Happy Book Birthday! I continue to be amazed at your work ethic–I can barely keep one book focused. Enjoy the day!

Edith: May the celebrations continue, and may this excellent series have a long and profitable life!


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About Edith Maxwell

Agatha- and Macavity-nominated and national bestsetlling author Edith Maxwell writes the Local Foods Mystery series (Kensington Publishing) and the historical Quaker Midwife Mysteries (Midnight Ink). As Maddie Day she writes the Country Store Mysteries series and the new Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries (both from Kensington Publishing). Edith has also published award-winning short crime fiction. She lives north of Boston in an antique house with her beau and three cats.

5 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday – Razing the Dead!

  1. Aw, thanks, everybody. This one’s based on a part of Pennsylvania I know well, since both I and my family lived there at various times (so you know I’ve got the locations right!). I’ll be back in that neighborhood next week–there’s a great indie bookstore (the Chester County Book Store) just down the road, so of course I had to have a signing there.

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