Wicked Wednesday–cookouts, white pants, and pedicures?

On Wicked Wednesdays the Wickeds weigh in on a topic, or produce a random stream of thought. This week–next Monday–is Memorial Day. This is the unofficial kick off for summer, though many of us still don’t trust the weather enough to put out winter coats away quite yet. What are your summer launching routines?

Jessie: I plant the pots at our house at the beach. We can’t be there full-time until the kids get out of school and watering can be tricky so I wait until summer really is upon us. Then I have a legitimate reason to drive up, even in the middle of the week. Of  course, once I’m there it would be wrong of me not to get a little fresh air and exercise by walking the beach.

Liz: My favorite launch plan for summer – get a pedi and get some fun new shoes! This year, though, I’m more apt to celebrate by getting the lawn guy here to do the first job of the season. I can barely see the dogs above the grass.

Edith: I will confess to having already consumed a delicious gin and tonic on a sunny g&TSunday a couple of weeks ago, but I’ll certainly repeat that Memorial Day ritual after I’ve spent the weekend planting the rest of the garden: gold cherry tomato seedlings, a couple of Asian eggplant, skinny beans, tender herbs like basil and dill, and more. Can’t wait to stow that wool coat!

Sherry: We usually cookout with friends. Often on the Sunday afternoon before Memorial Day so no one has to worry about staying up too late. I can’t believe summer has finally arrived after a long, cold Virginia winter!

Julie: Grilling, a pedicure, getting the summer clothes out, finally putting the winter clothes away (I hope). I love this weekend, and the ritual of welcoming summer. And for me, this year, writing writing writing!

boothbaychairBarb: When we close up the house in Maine in November, we bring all the furniture from the big front porch and the big back deck inside and pile it in the living room. If we sneak up to do work there in the spring, we leave the furniture where it is and live in the den and the dining room. So summer for me is when we put the outside furniture outside. This year, I am eagerly waiting while the porch deck gets painted. There have been so many wet days. But yesterday, the first coat went down, so soon I’ll be sitting on the porch, reading Level Best submissions and staring at the sea.

Readers: What’s your Memorial Day weekend ritual? How do you launch summer?

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About J.A. Hennrikus/Julianne Holmes

J.A. (Julie) Hennrikus writes the Clock Shop Mystery Series under the name Julianne Holmes. JUST KILLING TIME, the first in the series, was published in Oct 2015 and was nominated for a BEST FIRST NOVEL Agatha award. CLOCK AND DAGGER was released in August 2016. CHIME AND PUNISHMENT will be released in August 2017. Julie's Theater Cop series will debut in the fall of 2017. A CHRISTMAS PERIL is the first in this series about an ex-cop who runs a theater company. wears two hats. Her short stories have been published by Level Best Books: “Tag, You’re Dead” in THIN ICE, “Her Wish” in DEAD CALM, and “The Pendulum Swings, Until It Doesn’t” in BLOOD MOON. Julie is an arts administrator and arts advocate. She tweets her writing life as @JHAuthors, and her other life as @JulieHennrikus. She is an avid theater goer and a member of Red Sox nation. Her website is jahennrikus.com, and she blogs with WickedCozyAuthors.com and KillerCharacters.com.

13 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday–cookouts, white pants, and pedicures?

  1. Memorial Day is just the warm-up party for my birthday which is the following weekend.We usually have steamed crabs on the front porch. This year will be a bit different because my hubby has to work. I’ll be home testing out my new bottle of Dorothy Parker gin with some tonic water and lots of lime until he comes home!

  2. This will be the first Memorial Day in many years that I will be able to get my personal-peaceful-patio place ready for reading-writing-relaxing Reine.

  3. Memorial Day weekend is always our sailboat launch and initial shakedown cruise. Then I’m free to start dreaming up new plots on the water as my sleuth is a sailor!

  4. I can’t really say I have any beginning of summer traditions. Summer for me starts sometime in May when it gets hot and my TV shows end for the season (until my USA Network shows start up next week). Last week was the end of all my scripted shows and it was 100 degrees. This week, it’s hardly been in the 70’s so far.

    I think I’m going to a play on Saturday, and I might play ultimate Frisbee Sunday AND Monday (instead of just Sunday), but the extra ultimate game is about all I will be doing special this weekend.

      • Probably why we’re so optimistic. Or is that pessimistic? I can never remember except that I am invigorated by challenges of adversity in all forms. New England weather is high on the list.

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