Opening Lines – Patriot’s Day

In honor of Patriot’s Day write an opening line for this picture taken at Minute Man National Historic Park in Lincoln, Massachusetts. IMG_3552 Edith: I told him if he went into the woods with that strumpet one more time, I’d blast him all the way to the frontier.

Sherry: They thought since my husband was off fighting with the Regulars that they could come on my property. I changed their minds.

Jessie: Waiting around for someone else to bring home dinner had never been Martha’s style.

Barb: You could see them in the woods because of their bright red coats.

Liz: I thought I heard a noise out in the woods. I fired a warning shot or two just in case.

Julie: Damn squirrels. Rats with nice tails. Not even good eating.

19 thoughts on “Opening Lines – Patriot’s Day

  1. That damn mocking bird had kept me awake for 2 weeks now and he was now going to a pile of feathers…….little did I know when I fired that _________ was going to walk by.

    fill as needed!

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