High Point of the Week

As the doldrums of February try to close in around us we’ve decided to beat them back by focusing on the positive. Each week this month we will post the high point of our week on Fridays and we hope you’ll chime in too.brazilg=flag

Sherry: I had family here from Brazil, Florida and Atlanta. It was such a wonderful time — lots of laughter, practicing my very sparse Portuguese, showing my niece Washington DC, and spending time with my daughter. A great, great week here in Northern Virginia!

Edith:  One high point for me was having a foot of fresh snow to cross-country ski on yesterday. banana-nut-pancakesAnother was fantasizing about owning a country store in southern Indiana, serving breakfasts and lunches to both locals and Indiana University academics trying to get away from departmental politics. Hosting B&B guests upstairs, and trying to stay away from dead bodies downstairs. Or maybe that was imagining a new cozy mystery series!

Liz: Despite the fact that all this snow DOESN’T make me smile….it is really cuteFinny to watch Finny playing in it. He loves everything – snow, ice, sun, whatever – and lives each minute to the fullest.

Barb: There were several high points this week as Bill and I make our way slowly up the east coast from Key West to New England. I spent a lovely weekend with my cousins. And, Bill and I had a great day touring Savannah. What a gorgeous city. But the absolutely BEST day was Sunday at the Inn at the Beach in Venice, FL. It was one of those beautiful days–bright blue sky, high fluffy clouds, warm and dry but not hot. We didn’t have to be anywhere and sat by the pool reading the Sunday New York Times, dipping into the hot tub, swimming in the pool. Repeat. Even as it was happening, I was thinking, this is a perfect day.

Jessie: My high point this week was spending time with a dedicated group of young writers at a local middle school. These kids choose to spend a free period once each week in order to write and to share their work. Each of them is creative and fun and so willing to write with their own unique voices. They are gracious and kind to each other and they make me feel so hopeful.

Julie: My high point was going to the Walpole Community Television station, and being interviewed by Guy Giampapa about StageSource (the theater service organization that I work for). What a pleasure–meeting someone who so obviously loves theater, who did his homework about StageSource, and who put me at ease. I just hope my lipstick was on straight, and I didn’t have anything in my teeth. Video makes me nervous. PS, this may be the hightlight of my month. And PPS, I will post the video when it is up. Friends on the Cape and South Shore of Massachusetts, check your local listings!

So readers, what made you smile this week?

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About Jessie Crockett

Jessie Crockett wears a lot of hats, both literally and literarily. As Jessie Crockett she is the Daphne Award winning author of Live Free or Die and the nationally bestselling Sugar Grove series. As Jessica Ellicott she has received starred reivews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal for her historical mystery Murder in an English Village. As Jessica Estevao she writes the Agatha Award nominated Change of Fortune Mysteries. She loves the beach, fountain pens, Mini Coopers and throwing parties. She lives in northern New England where she obsessively knits wool socks and enthusiastically speaks Portuguese with a shocking disregard for the rules of grammar. As Jessie Crockett she’s the author of the nationally bestselling Sugar Grove Mysteries and the Daphne du Maurier Award winner, Live Free or Die.

5 thoughts on “High Point of the Week

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  2. The high point of my week was starting a quilt challenge called Drop and Give Me Twenty (DaGMT), in which I committed to sewing 20 minutes a day for the month of February. I’m finishing a lot of projects and working with all my beautiful fabric is a tremendous mood lifter in this rather colorless month in Massachusetts.

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