Opening Lines

We wrote an opening line for the picture below. Add yours!


Liz: I don’t know who was more surprised – me or the masked woman I caught trying to break into my basement window.

Barb: Who could forget those eyes? Luminescent, blue. But the last time I’d seen them, they’d been wide with surprise as I released her hands and she plummeted to a certain death forty stories below.

Jessie: Dark thoughts filled her mind as she watched the town plow plug the end of her newly shoveled driveway with a three foot bank of snow.

Edith: You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. When you awake, you will do my bidding and only my bidding.

Sherry: When the prodigal bank robber, dubbed the blue-eyed bandit, returned home she was stunned to find an FBI agent at the door instead of her mom.

Julie: For the first time in her life, she prayed for a blizzard. It was her only hope of covering up the evidence. And she’d be gone before the thaw.

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About Sherry Harris

Sherry Harris started bargain hunting in second grade at her best friend’s yard sale. She honed her bartering skills as she moved around the country while her husband served in the Air Force. Sherry uses her love of garage sales, her life as a military spouse, and her time living in Massachusetts as inspiration for the Sarah Winston Garage Sale series. Tagged for Death, first in the series, will be out in December 2014.

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